ijat - drummer - kryptonite musicians

This very experienced drummer graduated from A.S.K.(Aswara) with a diploma in music. However, before he even began his studies in Aswara, he had already begun his achievements in conquering various competitions and band battles. He won the Asian Beat National Finals in 2007, the GBOB Challenge National Finals in 2009 and many more competitions throughout the years. Besides that, he also had a part in the album ‘Aisunam Vs the Federated’ which was out in 2008. Involved in a variety of music festivals and carnivals, he has a reputation of sure and steady hands in every genre he leads. With a special flair in R&B, he practically captivates you with the sensation of its rhythmic pulse. Feel the groove with our ‘R&B devil’ and let him mesmerize you with cadenced temptation.