Kryptonite Entertainment provides the most unique live-bands that cater to your every need. We have jazz band for jazz lovers or couples who want that classy-romantic atmosphere for their wedding nights. We also have a unique Shanghai jazz band for Chinese jazz lovers who want to be brought back in time to the golden shanghai era where big bands play and glittering gowns sashay. Other than that, we have fusion jazz-band & acoustic unplugged live-bands the we can and most certainly will custom-arrange to suit your wedding or event’s theme & environment.

Need emcees and coordinators for your wedding or event? We have the most professional emcees that only give you advice but also listen to your suggestions and try their best to fulfill your request. You will surely love our multi-lingual emcees to the max!

Call us now to plan the most romantic wedding or the most exciting event with the most unique live-music!

Live Performance


Instrumental Band

Instrumental Band

A compilation of your favorite instrumental music all through the night. Choose your desired songs and moods for us to play for you. Best for cocktail parties, for poolside gatherings and for any other events you fancy.

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Jazz Band

About Jazz Band

Jazz styles to suit your evening? We have them all, from swing to Latin and tango to waltz. We even spice our jazz band up a little with concoctions of jazz R&B, funky cha-cha, jazz-rock, etc. We could go smooth or groovy or both depending on the ambiance you want us to create for you.

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ShangHai Jazz Band

shanghai jazz

Want a taste of retro Shanghai? Let us bring you back to the romanticized ‘golden age’ where music is mostly played ‘Big Band’ style. Imagine exaggerated tapestries inside grand luxurious ballrooms in a decadent bustling city. Imagine yourself sitting there enjoying a ‘band before your time’. Our Shanghai Jazz band creates that picture for you.

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等着你回来deng zhe ni hui lai


Acoustic Band


Piano or Guitarist + Vocalist

A quiet evening with family and loved ones? Why not pick our acoustic setting that gives you pure vocal clarity with only one acoustic accompaniment? Brings you back to the days when you sat in the classroom with your crush and sang your heart out. Memories. They please you. Start the music with love!
ke ai de mei gui hua


Acoustic Jazz Band

Acoustic Jazz Band

Let us sing you your favourite songs ! Our acoustic jazz band is full of originality, romance and energy. Perfect for a classy, romantic night.

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Contemporary Band

Contemporary Band

Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal, Bass and Drum.

Songs you heard on the radio recently, songs your parents loved in their younger days, songs that you loved in secondary school. Our contemporary band plays you new and old pop songs that you never get out of your ears. If your crowd loves pop-music and oldies, we shall comply, all in our own style.

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Small Ensemble Jazz Band

Small Ensemble Jazz Band

The ‘mini big-band’. You can have a never before experienced satisfaction and enjoyment for your event. It keeps your heart pulsating all night long. Think ‘Michael Buble mini concert’, ‘Robbie Williams show night’, and ‘Gloria Estefan concert’ type of band. We’ve got the crowd.

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String Quartet

String Quartet

The sound of angels serenading your wedding proposal or engagement night. Feel the romance in the air as our string quartet plays sweet tunes that portray the happy atmosphere and the blessings of those gathered around.

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