13 Dec 2012

How to Pick a Lead Singer for a Band

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If most people in your band want to be the lead singer, you’ve got a big problem. It’s important to choose the right person, hopefully without hurting anybody’s feelings.

  1. Get an audition space. Before you can hold an audition, you will need audition space. If you still go to school, you can ask to use the auditorium or music room for the auditions. You can also use a dance room or dance studio. Or you can use your house.
  2. Create flyers or posters about the position. State that you are looking for a lead singer, vocalist, etc. It’s also a good idea to state which genre or genres your band plays and age range you are looking for. You also may want to put a number for people to call if they want to audition, just to know about how many people you will be auditioning.
  3. Make a list of qualities you are looking for in the singer. Would you prefer someone that is outgoing, can work with others well, etc?
  4. Depending on the place you are holding auditions, you can have them audition in front of you only or in front of the others looking for a spot too.
  5. On the first day of auditions, have the vocalists come with a song that they choose. Tell them they can either sing A Capella, with a karaoke version of the song they are singing, or they can play an instrument while singing. Also give them a form to fill out with their contact information.(Name, Email, Phone number, etc)
  6. While they are singing, check of the qualities they meet. Have all of the band members do this also.
  7. When everyone is done, thank them for coming and tell them you will give them a call if you want them to audition once more or if they landed the role.
  8. Talk with your band. Pick about five good people you want to come back to audition again.
  9. Call them back and tell them you will email or text them a song to sing.It can be an original song, or a song that will show they’re vocal potential.
  10. The last day of auditions have them sing the song. Then, ask them a few questions. (Influences, Goal, why you should pick them, etc.)
  11. After everyone is done, don’t send them home but have them wait while you and your band collaborate on who should have the spot.
  12. When you have chosen, go back with the others and have them line up. Tell each one good qualities you saw in them.Make sure not to criticize anyone or make them feel bad.
  13. Tell the once you chose another quality you found in them and tell the you would like them to be in the band.If they agree to joining your band, give them your rehearsal schedule. If they decide not, pick the next best singer.

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Pick-a-Lead-Singer-for-a-Band

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