15 Oct 2012

How To Choose A Wedding Live Band

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One of the most memorable events and for many a once in a lifetime occasion, is your wedding. It is the time couples will do everything to make it an event to remember. However, an often overlooked but an important element is the entertainment. This may contribute to over 80% success of the event and may be the difference between a good wedding and an exceptional and fun one.

The wedding entertainment should be high on the list of planning priorities. Having live entertainment is often more value for your money than using pre-recorded music and a disc jockey. Of course, using pre-recorded music cannot be compared to having a live wedding band, which is what helps to make the event and adds timeless class, beauty and elegance to the occasion. In addition, listening to the rich, vibrant and warm live voices of singers or of an acoustic instrument helps to leave a lasting treasure and memory.

Since the entertainment at the wedding plays a critical role in the success of the entire event, having the right live wedding band is important. A good place to start looking is online websites where you will find useful resources to help you in choosing the right live wedding band. However, there are some helpful guidelines, which you should consider when choosing a wedding band. These include:

  • Setting a budget and taking into account the length of time you will require the live band to perform.
  • Booking early so that you can get the best talent. You may need a lead-time of about 12 months, especially for entertainers who are experienced in performing at wedding receptions. Even if you have not confirmed your venue yet, you can still book your entertainment.
  • Seeking out recommendations from newlyweds, friends, wedding websites and wedding planners. Check the band’s website for online reviews to see how others feel about them.
  • Checking the room size when booking your reception venue and space to fit the band. Ask if the venue has any restrictions regarding noise, space for live bands and the music selections.
  • Checking on the type of equipment the band will use and if the venue has the electrical outlets and stage required.
  • Deciding on the type of atmosphere and music you would like for your reception and how formal it should be. Having a variety of songs to cater for your guests’ different tastes and styles is recommended. Ask to see the list of songs that the live wedding band usually performs.
  • Listening to the band play by attending one of their auditions or visiting a location where the band is playing, viewing a video of their performances or requesting a recorded tape.

In addition, knowing the right questions to ask to help you make an informed decision regarding the live wedding band is important and these may include:

  • What experience do they have performing at weddings and reputable events, the venues at which they have performed and the length of time the band is together?
  • Are the members full-time or part-time musicians and is membership consistent?
  • What approach and style is used and what makes them unique from other groups?
  • Do they provide a full breakdown of costs and is there extra charge for going over time?
  • What is the length of the breaks taken and will background music be provided during the breaks?
  • What is the earliest time that the entertainers will arrive to set up?
  • Is there a cancellation policy and do they have liability insurance?

Once you have decided on the live wedding band, you will need to have a written contract. This should include the date, times, venue, breaks, rates, deposits, the number of musicians/singers, song selections, type of attire and food. The cancellation and refund policies should also be included.

There is nothing like having a live wedding band to set the tone and mood on your special occasion. If you are looking for a live wedding band on the east coast from Long Island, New York all the way down to Washington, DC, visit the mainlineaffair.com website. You will find information on a great band to choose for your wedding and you may view their video and the testimonials.

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