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Picking A Name For Your Rock Band

When you start a rock band, you choose a name for it. You should do this strategically so it enhances the future of the band, rather than causing problems. In this article, I give some general rules, and many of these rules also apply to choosing a stage name for a singer, or even to […]

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How to Pick a Lead Singer for a Band

If most people in your band want to be the lead singer, you’ve got a big problem. It’s important to choose the right person, hopefully without hurting anybody’s feelings. Get an audition space. Before you can hold an audition, you will need audition space. If you still go to school, you can ask to use […]

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How To Choose A Wedding Live Band

One of the most memorable events and for many a once in a lifetime occasion, is your wedding. It is the time couples will do everything to make it an event to remember. However, an often overlooked but an important element is the entertainment. This may contribute to over 80% success of the event and […]

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