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You found us! We have the most unique music live bands in store for you that will keep you wanting more! How long have you searched for music live bands that fit all your requirements? Congratulations. We have music live bands what range from jazz to oldies, groovy to romantic. Want to mix and match all the genres and make it your own theme? We have just that as our musicians are trained well in all genres and our vocals are truly versatile to carry any type of number you may have your ears on.

Top Music Live Band Malaysia - Kryptonite Entertainment

Our ladies above range from classic oldies to fusion jazz numbers. They sing fluently in the languages that are commonly used in our country. They are good combinations with our music live bands and each feature a different vocal style. Their powerful but smooth vocals compliments our music live bands with ease and as a team, they shine.

Let us custom design our Music live bands just for you

Everyone wants music live bands they can call their own on their big night. When you have a wedding theme, we can design a performance to suit your theme. For instance, our Shanghai jazz music live bands are sometimes catered exclusively for your oriental themed wedding dinner. When your decorations and food are exceptionally unique, the music live bands you hire must live up to expectations. Nothing lesser!

Top Music Live Band Malaysia - Kryptonite Entertainment

Music live bands to enhance your atmosphere!

When your corporate event has expectations of a party environment, we have music live bands that play dance music and groovy numbers all night long. Hosts and guests can all enjoy themselves without a single worry. Let the professional musicians from our music live bands take the lead to induce a worry-free enjoyable party atmosphere!

Having birthday blues because you can’t seem to decide what type of music live bands to hire? Let us know your birthday theme. Sweet 16th birthday or 21st birthday bash? We have just the music live bands for you that will make your celebration the more memorable! Throwing a birthday bash for your dad and mom or your grandparents? Let our music live bands play memorable classic oldies for them with a twist of modernization that youngsters at their celebration will love too!

Top Music Live Band Malaysia - Kryptonite Entertainment

Anniversary coming up but can’t seem to find the perfect songs for the perfect dances? Let us know your love songs. Our music live bands will play them in jazz, blues, ballads, cha-cha, tango and any other genres and styles you love to dance to. Rest assured that our music live bands will make your anniversary dinner full of lasting love and romance. Let your guests feel the love you have for each other with great live music!

Still wondering how to choose a music live band for your wedding or event ? Hire us at Kryptonite Entertainment today & we will give you the best live band experience of a lifetime. Feel the live performance!

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